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To me, producing is a form of artistic work and a way to build community. 


The spaces I design allow people to gather, share, and exchange.  I believe that welcoming, affordable, non-competitive, and communal environments create the conditions for our best work.   


I'm driven to self-produce, because I so rarely find what I am looking for in existing institutions. For independent artists like myself, creating our own opportunities is born from both passion and survival instinct. It´s often the best way to ensure authentic work has room to thrive.  So rather than found institutions, I build recurring events of variable duration and flexible formats. They harness the time, energy, resources and collective will that converges at a given moment.

DIY producing has taught me to simultaneously be highly detail-oriented and flexible to external conditions... a lot like improvisation itself.  It´s both challenging and empowering, and always an act of love.


@ Spectrum

Live Music + Dance collaborations

Symbiosis @Spectrum curates live music and dance that acknowledges the humanity and agency of both the performers. Each night of the series includes a group that has an established practice combining these two forms, and also a “blind date” between two solo performers who create a new improvised work.


We’re taking over Spectrum, an experimental music venue in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and installing Sarah’s homemade wooden dance floor in the center. The space has basic lighting, good acoustics, a grand piano, and a down-for-anything vibe.

Created and Curated in collaboration with Caitlin Cawley.



tickets at the door, just show up!



help move/install the floor!


¡Spontaneous Combustion!
Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 11.59.42

A supportive space to witness the magic of the moment

During the summer, I transform my Brooklyn rooftop into a stage for spontaneous performances. Revolving around my homemade wooden dance floor, each night I curate 6 artists from dance, music and circus and more to share improvised performances. Picnic blankets are laid on the ground, homemade popcorn and drinks fuel the crowd, and between sets, the dancefloor is open to everyone.


The vibe is a performance amongst friend. Guests bring the drinks, performers bring the art. Together we create a supportive space to witness the magic of the moment. 

¡Spontaneous Combustion! is portable and has also been installed on Governor´s Island, in the a house at Nolan Park.



join the list to be the first to know about summer 2019




reach out if improvisation is part of your craft, in any discipline!



install the floor, work the door


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2018 Contributors

Alec Lichtenberg • Kirin McElwain • Cat Murcek • Dorren Smith • Emily Climer • Katie Vason • Kirin Mcelwain • Suzie Rzecznik • Caitlin Cawley • Richard Kim • Elia Mrak • Luther Bangert • Lily Kind • Laura Jervidalo Ravn • Rina Espiritu • Rebecca Fitton • Régine Romaine • Ryan Wolfe • Kenta Thomas Naoi • Bhina Bodhidarman • Dorren Smith • Maira Duarte • Francesca Ferrara • Larkin Grimm • Anais Azul • Carmen Caceres • Thomas Bond • Nina Levine • Sydnie L. Mosley • The Lovelies • Gabriel Willow • Tim Froelich • Matt LePage • Sarah Chien
Floor Friends
Floor friends logo .png

A network of dancers and teachers

Floor Friends began in 2013, when I realized there was no contemporary floorwork training available in NYC. I rented space at 100 Grand, booked a couple teachers and invited friends to train together. Soon this grew into a network of dancers and teachers interested in acrobatic floorwork.

Floor Friends produces affordable roving, pop-up class series, guest workshops and occasional performances. I collaborate with studios and independent teachers to create community around training together. Curation focuses on movement practices that can dialogue with the lineage of Flying Low and Passing Through and supporting teachers that might not otherwise share their work in NYC. Participants include professional dancers as well as curious movers of all backgrounds.


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Past Teachers

Elia Mrak (US) • Linn Christine Ragnarrson (SE) • Martin Piliponsky (AR)  • Laura Jervidalo Ravn (US/DK) • Andre Zachery (US) • Oscar Santana (EC) • Cassiel Gaube (BE) • Sarah Chien (US) • Adriana Cuellar (CR) • Tom Tsai (US) • Katie Stehura (US) • Gabriel Forestieri (US/BE) • Maya Orchin (US) • Britt Kamper (DK) • Stephanie Lee (

Past Workshop Partners

Mark Morris Dance Center • 100 Grand Dance • Brooklyn Studios for Dance • Chez Bushwick • Gibney Dance • the Playground • Colectivo TAXI (Ecuador) • BAX + Dance to the People • Lily Kind (Philadelphia)
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