For me, training has always been about a love for the work. 

My classes and workshops integrate movement games, ideas and pedagogies collected from my travels in Europe, South America and the United States. The core of my teaching is rooted in the lineage of Flying Low and Passing Through (David Zambrano), in dialogue with qi-gong and other forms in my ongoing personal practice. 

I challenge students to question their assumptions by observing habitual movement patterns and offering a different paradigm emphasizing full body awareness and moving confidently up/down/around and through a room of shifting bodies. My dance floor is a multi-dimensional space: students are asked to practice without a set front, and to learn from each other as well as me.  Classes don't necessarily culminate in a phrase, but rather progress through solo and group investigations of spirals, energy and reactivity.

Flying Low and Passing Through

[guest lecture series] for princeton university

This 8-class mini-course offered my signature style of teaching Flying Low and Passing through together. Flying Low reveals each body's efficient, spiral pathways for going into and out of the floor. In Passing Through, those bodies become shared terrain for an every-shifting group improvisation. Together these practices help us to transform our bodies, the group and the space in which we play. How can we each become a conduit between earth and sky, one person and another?

February- April 2018  |  Princeton University, New Jersey

Pathways Through Us

[master classes] for the national ballet of ecuador

Two days of master classes introduced 30 members of Ecuador's National Ballet (Contemporary & Metropolitan "elencos") to Flying Low and Passing Through. 

Professional Level training harnessed the group's energy with qi-gong and passing through warm-ups, advanced flying low phrase work and training propositions that the dancers could continue to explore after I left. 

March 2018  |  Quito, Ecuador

Made for Movers
[workshop] for non-dancers

Spanning three afternoons, this custom intensive workshop offered movers from non-dance backgrounds (gym-training, sports, acting) an entry-point into Flying Low and Passing Through.

The workshop emphasized the mechanics and philosophy of the work rather than performing or phrase work.  We focused on problem-solving simple pathways into, out of and through the floor.  We trained the connection between feet to centers to hands and learn how to make use of curves and spirals within our body and space. Minimal memorization of forms/exercises left space for individual attention and exploration.

February 2018  |  Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC

This is just a sampling my recent teaching!
I teach contemporary floorwork and improvisation in a variety of formats and am also developing single-day workshops researching specific topics like solo improvisation, and standing ones ground by connecting with the floor. I can activate my training network, Floor Friends, to co-produce where appropriate.
I would love to create a custom offering for your community.
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