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How to Build a Dance Floor

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Dear builders-to-be, let no one turned away for lack of funds! If $10 is too much right now, please reach out, and I'll make sure you get a digital copy at a price you can afford. This book started as a zine, and I want to honor that anti-capitalist tradition, even as I try to honor my own year's worth of labor to make this book <3

How to Build a Dance Floor

In 2018, I built a wooden dance floor on my rooftop in Brooklyn. It became my studio space, inspired a performance series, and now becomes a book!

How To Build a Dance Floor is a self-published book and collectibl
e craft object. It's a technical manual that will teach you how to build your own dance floor, but it's also a chronicle of my rooftop floor, and a manifesto for building the spaces of your dreams. The fifty-pages are filled with hand drawn illustrations, beautiful never-before seen color photographs, technical diagrams and short essays. 

Its a book for dancers, producers, zine-lovers, supporters of the arts, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys understanding the art of how things are made. With the pandemic barriers to live performance, this project is my 2020 "show"-- one that arrives in your living room or inbox. 
Edited by Lily Kind
Photographs by Zach Schulman with additional contributions by Yechiel Husarsky and Jamie Mclean.
Printed and Bound by Fireball Prints in Philadelphia
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